Android Wear May Suck Just As Much As Apple Watch

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Two things that were said to be the next best thing are Android Wear and smartwatches. People said that we would find them difficult to live without when using them on phones. The way for the future was said to be notifications, voice communication and integration with smart home along with getting alerts on our smartwatches. However this didn’t turn out to be so and in reality it seems that Android Wear may suck just as much as what the Apple Watch does.

Android Wear is two years old but the apps coming out for it have slowed down along with new watch faces. Some of the faces aren’t very practical and they don’t offer up anything other than a watch that has a smart look.

If you are going to pay out more than $250, which you would have to, you could get an entry level phone that is decent for this or less.

Bear in mind also that a phone does many more things than too. The Apple Watch may look good on the wrist but many people find that they have to go out of their way to find a good use for Wear devices and Android Wear simply isn’t as good as it could be. On saying this smartwatches aren’t useless.

A smartwatch does happen to be just another handset that you do have to charge up and until Google comes up with something that wows you might want to keep your money in your pocket.

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