Android Directs Users Away From Sandy, iPhone To Brothels

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With Hurricane Sandy causing havoc in certain parts of the US, Google had to recently cancel its event set to take place in New York yesterday.

Android phones help users during Hurricane Sandy, Siri not as helpful when it came to iPhone

While many Android fans would be upset, they would be glad to see that their Android device running Jelly Bean or up was actually very helpful during the hurricane. The Google Now feature has helped many Android users keep track of the movements of the hurricane as well as other things happening around the area which may be important.

Interestingly, iPhone users got no help. Siri doesn’t even realize that there is a Hurricane Sandy crushing down on the east coast, and when asked about it was trying to find scores to a sports game that The Hurricanes were playing.

Speaking of Siri and the iPhone, the NY Daily News ran an interesting story today which pointed out that Siri was directing Mandarin speakers to brothels! NYDN reports that the recently released Siri for Mandarin is giving users several options for finding prostitutes upon request.

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