Android Phones Sell 4 Times Quicker Than iPhone

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Android devices have been outselling the iPhone from Apple over the past few weeks. This is according to research that has been undertaken by IDC. They found out that for each of the iPhones that have been sold during the second quarter of 2012, four Android devices have been sold. This alters from a ratio of 2.5:1 during the second quarter of 2011.

Android outselling iPhone 4 to 1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could have had a lot to do with this thanks to it dominating the market since its release and taking the number one spot. Samsung are said to have shipped around 105 million Android smartphones during April to June.

Google are also enjoying the spotlight with their Android phone which holds a 68% share in the market. This has increased from 47% last year during the same period.

Apple on the other hand has faced a fall in their market share at 17% in the second quarter, as they had 19% last year. This is expected to change when Apple release the iPhone 5, rumored to be launched later in the year.

Android are doing well around the world at this moment in time, however it is not without problems. F-Secure, the Finnish security company, said that they received around 5000 samples of malicious software of Android during Q2. This is a significant rise of 64%. It seems that each year malware in Android software grows; this is generally thanks to 3rd party apps. In total there have been 19 new families discovered and new varieties discovered within families that currently exist.

It is important to bear in mind that the majority of the malware is from 3rd party download sites and if users are careful they can avoid the threats on their handsets. If users stick to downloading from Google Play they are relatively safe.


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