Android vs iPhone: Is iOS 6 Or Jelly Bean Better?

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One of the biggest debates in the smartphone world right now is which is the better OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or iOS 6 from Apple. If you are wondering which popular handset to get between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 then you might have come across this conundrum already. Here’s things you should consider.

Android vs iPhone: Is iOS 6 or Jelly Bean the better OS?

iOS 6 is more streamlined and has an easier learning curve of the two. However what this means is that there tasks that you could do quickly iOS 6 would be even faster on Jelly Bean should you know how. This is because Jelly Bean is more open and as such you would expect this means that customising it is more possible than it is with iOS 6.

For instance, if you toggle radios frequently (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, Hotspot, GPS, etc) then you could just place a power widget on your Jelly Bean homescreen to toggle this functions on/off. With iOS 6 you will need to dig into the Setting to do so.

Another example would be messaging. Say for instance you wish to Whatsapp, Skype or Viber someone on the iPhone 5, you would need to launch the individual app and then begin your message. In the case of Android they would pop up as shortcuts in your native Android contacts book.

Moving on, Apple Maps has gone down like a lead balloon and Apple have said sorry for it, as this has replaced Google Maps. If you want a handset for navigation then you might be better off with Android and something like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X, which comes with Google maps. However if Apple Maps works well in your location, this point is moot.

If you need a device with a great virtual assistant then Siri is very popular on iOS 6, not only is it fun to talk to, Siri now comes in useful for opening apps. Android comes with Google Now but this is not as much “fun” to use. However it provides more functionality than Siri.

iOS 6 offers integration with Twitter and Facebook, which means that you can now post updates without having to go into the app. Android Jelly Bean is integrated with just about everything, including things you download from the Google Play Store. However you do need to be careful about installing Android apps as they can take over native functions of the device.

iOS 6 is fast and used to blow Android away, however with Jelly Bean, Android is on par with iOS as it has features like Project Butter. This ensures that the browsing experience on Android is smoother.

If you are considering which of the two operating systems is best for you, there is nothing like hands on experience. You may wish to try out both devices and operating systems personally before going ahead and deciding. Basically, Android is the more customisable OS and iOS 6 as Apple says, “just works”.

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