How To Migrate From Android To iPhone 5 (Instructions)

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One of the worst things about upgrading from one handset to another is transferring all the data on the handset, along with your settings. If you want to make the move from an Android device to the new iPhone 5, it can be even harder.

Migrating from Android to iPhone 5

There are some things that you cannot transfer of course, such as text messages and your call history. However you should be able to move your contacts, your files and photos and videos, from one handset to the other.

Once you have activated your iPhone 5 you can set about making the change over from your Android handset.

First thing you can do is get your contacts. If you go into contacts on your Android handset you can choose to export them. Export them to storage and choose which contact data to save and press ok. You can then connect your Android device to your computer, make a folder on your desktop and drag and drop any content that you want from the SD card to the desktop. You should also save the VCF file and you are ready to go and put this data on your new iPhone 5.

Connect your iPhone 5 to iTunes and choose your handset in the sidebar. You can then choose the photos tab and check the sync photos. Choose the folder on your desktop and the photos will then show up in the photos app of the iPhone 5.

When it comes to music you can take the folder you made on the desktop with your music in and drag it over the phones name in the sidebar of iTunes. Your music will be copied and it then shows in the music app on your iPhone 5.

When it comes to contact you have to set your email account on the iPhone 5 first. Then head back to the computer and send yourself an email that contains the VCF file in an attachment. If you open this up on your new iPhone 5 and click on the attachment and choose, all contacts, your contacts will then show up on your new iPhone 5!

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