Frustrated By Apple-Samsung Verdict? Vent Your Frustration With Fruit vs Robot

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There has always been an on-going argument over which operating system is the best, Android or iOS. Forums and tech blogs are filled with banter but now there is another arena to use by way of an app from GravityFour called Fruit vs. Robot. Fruit is of course Apple and the Robot is Android.

Android vs iOS battle it out in game

The app has many different games in which Android fans can take on iOS fans. These include Trivia, Balloon Pop and a whole host of board games. There is also a leader board and this shows which of the teams are in the lead. The release of the game comes just after a court in the US decided that Samsung, who makes Android handsets, copied Apple’s patents.

The developer came up with the idea for the game after switching from an iPhone to an Android handset. He decided that there was potential for the game after hearing his fellow workers arguing over which of the operating systems was the best. The game took just four months to complete from start to finish with financing from a friend and help from an artist in Indonesia.

Well enough chatter, check out the game for yourself as it is readily available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

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