iOS 6 Recycles Top Android Features But With Apple’s Iconic Touch (CNET)

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While Apple users are thrilled with iOS 6, Android users are laughing about the fact they have had all these ‘updated’ features for quite some time. This is pretty understandable, as it is true – however are Apple fans actually bothered? No – as CNET Asia discusses, Apple fans are loyal and although they get annoyed now and again when an obvious feature is missed out on iPhones (e.g. lack of real-time notifications, lack of ability to attach items to e-mails as you’re composing them), they have faith that Apple will eventually get round to it. They believe that once the update is eventually made, the final product will be smoother and more polished than the Android counterpart – they are merely taking time to deliver the highest quality.CNET: iOS 6 may be late with features compared to Android but more polished in the end

Now, Apple do get it wrong and some items are still not up to scratch, like the ability (or lack of) to multitask effectively on the iPhone. However as an example of Apple’s methods, take a look at the length of time it took for them to add video editing as a feature, but the flawlessness of the feature when it did eventually turn up. Apple would rather be the brunt of a few complaints than release features which are not truly finished.

This is an indicator of the two ways of operating, implemented by the major companies. One provides all you could ever want, with the ability to choose and customize whatever and however you like, but with a couple of glitches and a lack of polish. The other provides you with a finished service with exceptional ease of use, which may be lacking a couple of features that other smartphones have, albeit with a slightly limiting and marginally less powerful system.

Both have their pros and cons, but everyone has a preference and different requirements from their smartphones. We understand why Android users get frustrated when Apple get nothing but rave reviews for their new upgrades, when really none of it is new to you, but the loyalty of Apple fans mean they are nothing but happy about iOS 6.

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