Android Tips: Uninstall Facebook To Boost Phone Speed

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There is more than one way to boost the speed of your phone but it looks like one of the easiest ways to do it is to get rid of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app that we all have on our smartphones.

It is believed that the Facebook apps are a huge battery drainer and that it affects the RAM of your smartphone whether you are using it or not since it is constantly running in the back.

Other also added that Facebook will always poll for an update even when the device is not connected to a network and that this affects the battery life of the device as well. So is it true?

Well, some users have tried testing out this theory why benchmarking the device before and after installing the Facebook app and reported that their device was about 15% faster without the Facebook app.

Of course, Facebook is not the only app that has been accused of affected the speed of the smartphones, apps like Android Wear, Dropbox, Spotify and more are also said to be bad for your Android smartphone.

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