Android Tips & Tricks: 10 Must-Have Apps For Your Status Bar

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One of the best things about Android is the notification bar. This means that you don’t get interrupted and your screen doesn’t get blocked by annoying alerts, you instead can see your messages at a glance by the pulldown bar. However there is more to it than just alerts. Here are some apps that you can download for your notification bar. They should works on all devices from Gingerbread and above.

Android Tips & Tricks: 10 apps for your status bar

Gesture Search Bar allows you to open gesture search from the notification panel. You can alter the settings and make changes to anything from speed of input to the results displayed.

Status Toggle allows users to activate or deactivate features like Wi-Fi from within the notification panel. It is faster than a widget and you don’t have to leave the app that you are in.

Status Notes allows you to make notes and reminders. Icons are displayed to remind you of what you have put in there and when you pull it down you get the entire note. The software comes with plenty of icons from which to choose.

Bar Control allows you to create shortcuts to app in the panel. While this could result in a cluttered notification bar it may be ideal for your favourite apps.

Quick Settings takes Status Toggle and moves it a step further. There are more settings than ever to mess around with.

Battery Indicator is excellent for showing how much battery you have left on your device. you will wonder how you managed without it.

Net Speed shows the upload and downloads speeds in the notification pane.

Calendar in Status Bar is a great way to display the date in the top corner and you can launch your calendar from this app.

SysTray monitor provides you with information about the battery, SD card, internal storage and the amount of RAM, all in your notification panel.

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