5 Tips To Make Your Android Phone An Android “Smartphone”

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While you may have an Android device with top end hardware such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X, you have to remember that one of the things that make Android phones so popular is its robust customisation capabilities. Here are 5 ways to get more from your Android smartphone.

5 tips for Android phone users

Custom keyboards: You don’t have to use the default keyboard that comes with your smartphone. You can head to the Play Store and download an alternative which will then be used whenever a keyboard needs to pop up on your screen. My favorite is Swype which can be downloaded from Swype’s official website.

Quick Contacts: If you want to keep the contacts you use frequently close to hand then you can pin them to the home screen. Head to All apps, Widgets and then choose the contact widget. You can then choose a person’s name and pin them onto the home screen.

Auto-update Apps: Keeping apps up to date helps to get the most out of the handset. However the nagging pop up that appears in notifications can drive you mad. You can set your device to update apps automatically when available. You can choose to update via W-Fi only if you open Google Play and head into settings, auto update apps and check the option for Wi-Fi.

Easy backup: If you want to upgrade to another Android device you can back up and restore the settings on your handset. To do so head into settings, privacy settings, then back up and reset. Check where it says “Back up my data” and wait for the handset to back up. You can then restore your settings, along with your apps from the back up you made.

Face Unlock: Rather than typing in a pin number to unlock your device, you might want to open it with your face. Face Unlock allows you to do this, however be aware that it is not as secure as using a pin. If you want to unlock with your face then heard into settings, security, screen lock and choose this option. If face detection doesn’t work you may wish to already have a pin set up so that you can get into the handset.

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