Android P Will Change Your Picture Taking Game

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We are learning more and more about the upcoming Android P OS and one of the new upgrades that most people would be happy to hear is the new Multi-Camera API.

It is common for new flagship smartphones to come with multiple cameras now but manufacturers like Samsung does not have access to ML algorithms like what Google has on their Pixel 2.

That is where the new API will come in as Android P developers will be able to gather images data from both cameras at the same time and combine image data from each in real time to create photos that use seamless zooming, stereo vision, bokeh and everything else that the developer can come out with.

Besides that, there is also the Session parameters which is a way developers can have their app grab a picture without taking forever to process it. Other changes include using the screen as a flash for a brighter selfie and more. All these changes would greatly improve the cameras on all Android smartphones.

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