Android P UI: Will It Be More iOS Than Material Design?

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Google has not said anything about the Android P UI yet but some reports claim that the new OS will be coming in with a new design, ditching the old Material Design.

According to some of the rumors out there, it looks like Google might be looking to change the UI of their OS. Since the current Material Design has been around for some time, it does not surprise us that they would want to change things about. The question now is what direction they plan to go.

Some people think that Google will ultimately change the UI to look closer to what Apple has been offering in the past which is rounder design and transparent edges. Others think that we might get something that is close to what the Pixel is offering right now.

At this point, there is no way we would know what Google plans to offer. We do like the idea of them looking to freshen up the design but we will still have to look at the actual design before we can decide if Google made the right move or not.

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