Android P UI: Ditching Material Design For Good?

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A lot of people were pleased with the new Material Design that Google introduced a few years ago but now that the design has been around for some time, some reports are claiming that Google might be looking to give it an upgrade once more.

There has not been any announcement about the upcoming Android P yet but there were speculations that Google might be working on a new UI for the new OS. There were talks about the new UI possibly looking closer to what Google has been offering on the Pixel where the edges are rounder.

Others think that Google will be working towards a new design that is similar to that we have been seeing on the new Google Pay app or a design that is very close to that.

Of course, there were others that believe that it will only be a minor upgrade to the current Material Design. Of course, we have not heard from Google yet so take it all with a pinch of salt.

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