Android Nutella On Nexus 7: There Isn’t Time To Dislike

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There are many people waiting for Android Nutella to come their way as the OS is going to offer plenty of features. Now owners of the Nexus 7 are hoping that they are going to be given the update too.

While people want Android Nutella on their Google Nexus 7 there are owners who also want the 8 inch upgrade with the aspect ratio of 4:3.

There are some people who made their way from Android but many people still keep an interest in Android. Maybe Nutella would be enough to make people come back to Android.

Owners of the Nexus 7 will be keeping their fingers crossed that Android Nutella does make its way to the device but then they may not have time to like or dislike it if the update to 8 inches and 4:3 aspect ratio heads their way.