Android Nutella Making Its Way To Google Nexus 7: There’s No Time For Disliking

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People are waiting for Android Nutella to arrive despite the fact that some people haven’t yet received the update to Marshmallow. But what if Nutella made its way onto the Google Nexus 7? Well it may happen but then there may not be time to dislike it.

While people would like to see Android Nutella make its way to the Google Nexus 7 they would also like to see an update to an 8 inch with 4:3 aspect ratio.

There are some people who made the move from Android but with Nutella coming the way perhaps they will be tempted to come back. More so if it arrives on the Google Nexus 7 or the 7 was upgraded to an 8 inch with 4:3 aspect ratio.

But would you move back to Android if the Google Nexus 7 was upgraded and it got the update to Android Nutella?

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