Android Nutella Heading to Google Nexus 7: There Isn’t Any Time To Hate It

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It has been said that Nutella will be bringing with it many new and exciting features and it would be great if it came to the Google Nexus 7.

What would be great too is if Android Nutella made its way to the tablet at the same time. At least this is what some users online have been saying. Should there be an update to 8 inches and it had an aspect ratio of 4:3, it has to be better than the one that is on the market right now.

There are many people who love Android but who made the move to the iPad and these people will want the former due to the fact that they have become obsessed with it. Android Nutella hasn’t received much negative feedback and this is great news for all the developers out there.

So let’s hope that the Nexus 7 does come with an aspect ratio of 4:2 to keep users happy.