Android Nutella Heading To Google Nexus 7 But No Time To Dislike

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Android Nutella is the OS that people have been waiting to hear about. People said that it would be great if the Google Nexus 7 was updated to it. We have heard that Nutella is going to bring with it plenty of features.

Of course while Android Nutella would go down well on the Nexus 7 what would be better would be if the device got an upgrade too. Owners would like to see the 8 inch updated with the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Many people love Team Android despite the fact that they chose to make the move to the iPad. However these people are still obsessed with the Android devices. Android Nutella hasn’t got any bad feedback yet which is great news for all the developers out there.

For the time being owners of the Nexus 7 are hoping that a 4:3 ratio may be on the cards. Are you hoping so and are you looking forward to Android Nutella?