Android Nutella Coming To Nexus 7 But No Time To Dislike

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Many people are waiting for the arrival of Android Nutella as it is said to be bringing with it many features. But wouldn’t it be good if it came to the Nexus 7?

People want Android Nutella for the Google Nexus 7 but at the same time they also want to see an upgrade to an 8 inch with aspect ratio of 4:3.

Some people did move away from Team Android but they still keep a close watch on what’s happening with Android devices. Perhaps Nutella could drive them back as we haven’t heard anything negative about the OS yet.

Owners of the Nexus 7 are going to be keeping fingers crossed that perhaps Android Nutella is coming their way. But then again perhaps there won’t be time to like or dislike it if an upgrade with the 4:3 aspect and 8 inches comes our way.