Android 7.0 Nutella & iOS 10 Matter, Not iPhone 7S & Galaxy S7

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The biggest smartphone battle every year without fail has been between the Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhone models. Both devices due to their sheer popularity garner up a record number of sales and as we move into 2016 the same will be expected between the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

As has been with each year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to launch first sometime in Q1-Q2 followed by the iPhone 7 later in Q3 only. And with it the fan battles shall commence. However this year things may be a little different if all the recent leaks on both devices prove true.

We have recently seen the Samsung Galaxy S6 take a major departure from its predecessors. It has become slimmer, rounder and ditched removable battery and external memory. In other words it is inline with what we are seeing with the iPhone 6S. In fact it is also no longer waterproof just to be a few millimeters thinner.

And since the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, we have seen that Apple is finally adopting larger displays and higher megapixel cameras just like the Samsung Galaxy S6. With that said and the recent rumor that Samsung will continue to supply the display in the iPhone 7, we are expecting that there will be a lot similar between the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

As such, buyers may be a little confused as to which device is best for them and may turn towards the OS to break the tie. This is rumored to be Android 7.0 Nutella and iOS 10.

At this time not much is known about Android 7.0 Nutella and Apple iOS 10 but we have seen both continue to widen the gap between each other. So we can expect that they will continue to be a huge deciding factor.

Which is your OS of choice? iOS or Android? And how are you going to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 if things like appearance, battery life and screen is taken out of the equation?

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