CES: NVIDIA Shows Android Jelly Bean On Windows RT Tablet

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The Tegra 4 processor has just been announced by Nvidia. The processor is similar to the Tegra 3 in that it has the quad core processor, however it also has a fifth low power core, which will save battery life. While it still has the 4 plus 1 set-up, the 4th gen chip has been built on new architecture. The CEO of the company said that it is the fastest mobile processor in the world and beats everything on the market at the moment.

CES: Tegra 4 showcased in strange mockup of Windows RT tablet running Android Jelly Bean

The clock speed has not been announcement; however it does have 72 GPU cores, which must mean the CUDA cores. While there hasn’t been confirmation there are rumours that the chip had the 28nm manufacturing process, which should help to improve consumption of power as it would be a step up from the Tegra 3 40nm.

The Tegra 3 processor didn’t make it to a lot of phones, like the Snapdragon from Qualcomm did, this was not thanks to it lacking power, but due to poor battery life. Despite it having a companion core set up, Nvidia could not include LTE into the chip. This has a negative impact on battery life in comparison to the set-up from Qualcomm. The same happens to be true with their latest chip. This means that devices would need a cellular modem. However bear in mind that the latest phones with the Snapdragon quad core don’t have LTE integrated either. It is thought that Qualcomm will be revealing a chip in the spring; however Nvidia may not do this until much later in the year.

Interestingly, in the slideshow presentation for the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset, they showed what appeared to be a Windows RT tablet. While that may not be so strange, the Windows tablet was running Android Jelly Bean. Check out the screenshot below.

Windows RT tablet (see MS logo at bottom center) running what appears to be the Android Jelly Bean camera app

Windows RT tablet (see MS logo at bottom center) running what appears to be the Android Jelly Bean camera app

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