Which Manufacturer Is Fastest With Android Updates? [RESULTS]

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Each year carriers and manufacturers claim that they will do better when it comes to offering updates to the latest Android OS. This has made Nexus handsets popular, as they get updates fastest. But is the problem as bad as owners of the handsets make it out to be?

Fastest to roll out Android updates: HTC & T-Mobile

Recently ArsTechnica took a look into how fast the major manufacturers released updates for their Android handsets, along with how long it took the large carriers in the US to offer them.

The survey only took into account the major updates such as Froyo to Gingerbread. The survey results showed that LG has the most limited number of handsets, yet they came out the worst when it came to offering updates. Some of their phones were left waiting for nine months or more to receive the updates. Motorola didn’t come out much better; however Samsung have shown some improvements. When it came to being the fastest for updates HTC came out on top though.

When it came down to carriers, it was Verizon that was at the bottom of the pack. AT&T meanwhile didn’t do a lot better and they were mixed when handing out updates, with some being slow and some quick. Sprint makes sure that roll outs come in under 12 months and T-Mobile, while having issues with some, were the fastest overall.

Of course you do have to take into account that delays from carriers, could be down to manufacturers. After all Verizon may have to wait until Motorola gives them the update for them to be able to test.

So if you want to get the latest software updates like Android Jelly Bean fast but don’t want a Nexus handset, this would mean that a T-Mobile HTC Android smartphone would be your best bet. Surprisingly there isn’t much of a selection when it comes to this combination.

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