Dacor iQ: Hottest Android Jelly Bean Device Ever, Smokes All Rivals

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In 2011 there were predictions that Android would be used to power devices for the home. This included fridges and it seems that Samsung have made this come true with the RF4289.

Dacor Discovery iQ: Android Jelly Bean powered oven

Now this pre-CES announcement comes from Dacor and it is worth mentioning. The company, who are well known in California for their quality home appliances, have announced their Discovery IQ oven, which is powered by Android.

The smart oven gets power from what is termed the Discovery IQ controller with Android and it has Google Play Store access too. So what else do we known about the oven? Well it has Android Jelly Bean, a 7 inche 800×480 display, runs on a 1GHz processor from Samsung, has 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, support for SD card up to 48GB and Wi-Fi.

So if you want a smart ove this is it. It is thought that the oven will be out in the summer of this year and will cost $4499 for the single oven or $7499 for the double wall Android Jelly Bean oven.

While it is no Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of hardware, it is without a doubt the ”hottest” Android device right now and will easily “smoke” its rivals.

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