Android-Powered iPhone Now Official, Apple Helpless

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IGB Electronica SA in Brazil has revealed a brand new line-up of Android smartphones that have the IPHONE brand, this was a trademark that they applied for in Brazil in 2000.

Android-powered smartphone with iPhone brand announced

It is thought that Apple may choose to file a lawsuit, or they could begin negotiations for a settlement given that the Brazilian company had the name 12 years ago.

Apple was faced with something similar when it came to trademarks in China. This was when Proview owned the iPad trademark name. Apple paid around $60 million to them so that they had control over the iPad trademark.

Of course Brazil happens to be an important country to Apple, as Apple have started hiring staff for new stores in Brazil. This is the first location in South America and Apple has started to produce the iPhone and iPad there as well. Tim Cook has in the past said that Brazil is the next target for Apple, after China.

As for the actual IPHONE brand, the company is expected to launch a series of Android smartphones with the first one already announced and called the IPHONE Neo One.

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