Android 7.1 Will Be The Bane Of Bad Apps

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Most people know the rules and in general, people do know how to avoid getting duped by a bad app and popup and the creators of these bad apps are also getting better at fooling us.

Luckily, Google got our back. According to XDA Developers, the upcoming Android 7.1 update might come with a new feature that will help us stop the bad app or popup from hijacking our smartphones.

By pressing back four times quickly, the system will take this as a sign that you are looking to close an application quick and thus stopping it from hijacking the device.

The feature in not ready to use yet but the code is there. Either Google is preparing to release it soon or maybe they’ve tested it out and found out that it did not work as well as they thought it will. We hope they do release something like this since it would really come in handy.

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