Android 7.0 Nutella: Nobody Cares But Nexus

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We have already seen some of the upgrades that the Android 7.0 Nutella is going to come in with and while we were pretty impress with some of the updates, we also can’t help but feel that only the Nexus users will be happy about the update.

Of course, since the Nexus users will be the first ones to get the new OS, it make sense that they want to know and cares about what the new OS will be offering. Most of the other Android-powered smartphone will only be getting the update a few weeks or months later and by that time, nobody really cares about the update anymore. Things are even worse if you are bound to a carrier.

Then there is the fact that manufacturers will sometimes remove some of the features from the stock android. We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will not be coming in with the new Adoptable Storage, a features that will allow users to merge their internal storage and external storage into one.

At the end of the day, the Nexus users will be the ones benefiting the most from the new Android 7.0 Nutella.

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