Android 7.0 Nutella Continues To Ditch Features

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Not only will Google be adding a few new features to the upcoming Android 7.0 Nutella OS but they will also be ditching a few features that they think are no longer relevant.

It has been reported that the Android 7.0 Nutella sound setting will now come with one less option. Users used to be able to choose between Media, Ringtone, Alarm and notification. The Nutella version will only come with 3 option. Notification will now be listed under Ringtone.

That means that after the update, the ringtone and notification will be control as one. Users will not be able to have their ringtone on with the notification off anymore.

There is a way to work around it though. You can always set calls as a priority in the Do Not Disturb setting and then set your phone to Priority Only. This way, the calls will come in while the notification will stay silent.

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