Android 6.0 Marshmallow Wreaks Havoc With Spotify

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A redditor named Pawl_The_Cone recently found it quite confusing that the Marshmallow update he’s received on his Moto X Play couldn’t quite get his Spotify songs saved to an SD card. What seemed to work for him prior to the Marshmallow update was that there’s always been a permission system, though the part where Spotify automatically selects songs are a little frustration at times too.

Pawl_The_Cone kind of found a way through the problem. Since the new permission system isn’t even asking you for storage permission, he’s advised that if you’ve got to change the location that’s been fixed, you’ll have to clear the data and download again. And in clearing the data will also reset the permission system, therefore you’ll need to be aware that the permissions would somehow be revoked after clearing the data.

It might strike as a confusion for some, but at least it’s still slightly better than the competitors (like Google Music), right? Google Music literally has no options, not forgetting, it doesn’t even have a desktop app, but only web. Hopefully this helps those who are struggling to find a way around the permissions system.

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