LG Nexus Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie Features Proven Fake

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Androidandme recently posted an article about a rumour regarding Android 4.2. The OS was said to be coming out with Project Roadrunner, a new Play store, customisation centre and even better Google now.

Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie rumors proven fake

However it now appears that this rumour was faked. While A&M try to post stories about rumours that have been verified with more than one reliable source, they have slipped up this once thanks to a clever hoax by an anonymous tipster.

They have now retracted the story, and apologised for failing to confirm whether the rumour was true or not, and for the fact that they spread information that was false.

However they also said that on the subject of rumours, they do believe that the details regarding the LG Nexus are true and that they also think that it will come with Android 4.2. However we might need to forget about the mentioned features for now and just wait and see what Google has to offer.

We’re sure Google’s engineers had a good laugh this week when the rumors broke.

Source: AndroidAndMe

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