Android 4.2 Preview: Sneak Peek At What It Looks Like

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Those interested in the Nexus 10 are in for a treat as BriefMobile has posted a video showing the Nexus device and its speed, along with the lock screen of Android 4.2 in landscape orientation. The video is short, but it shows off the overall form factor of the device far better than photos which were leaked yesterday as well as a sneak peek at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Google Nexus 10 & Android 4.2 Jelly Bean preview

The post suggested that the display of the slate could be IPS as they say that the display has the clarity and colour reproduction which is very similar to the SLCD2 panel of HTC.

Yesterday BriefMobile also posted some photos of the Nexus 10 tablet. This device has been linked with many rumours, since it showed up with the name Mantra. The device has a brushed aluminium look to it and it is very light and thin. The body of the tablet has edges that are straighter than what they seemed to look on the quick start guide posted online last week.

The tablet should have been revealed today at the Google event. However this had to be cancelled due to the hurricane and will be rescheduled. The tablet is rumoured to be packed with a 2560 x 1600 display. It is thought to have the Exynos 5250 dual core processor, clocked at 1.7GHz and Mali T604 GPU. Rumours of 16GB storage have been going around, it is unsure if Google will offer it in other options. The device may have 2GB of RAM and a Super AMOLED display of 2560 x 1600 at 10.1 inches and ppi of 300. The camera is thought to be 5 megapixels on the back and the front camera specs are unknown. The device should also be compatible with NFC.

The tablet comes with a metal like casing that has a rubber section around the camera and front facing speakers. The device is around 10 inches long and 7 inches in width and the diagonal measurement is a little over 11 inches.

The photos show off the software on the device, these include a new camera app, users accounts and fast settings.

The device will come with Android 4.2, which will still be called Jelly Bean and the tablet will have the same Nexus 7 hybrid user interface, however it will be in wide format for viewing in landscape. The app for the camera has seen a lot of improvements and comes with a slide to activate menu and icon that has been updated.

It appears that user accounts may have been enabled; this is seen in the menu of quick settings. However at the moment details of this are not clear.

For now the Nexus 10 remains unannounced as we wait for the rescheduling of the Google event. However the photos, video and specs should have whet the appetite of Android fans.

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