Amazon Prime Day: How To Get Around It?

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It is clear now that Amazon’s Prime Day is a mess. Soon after it started, people started reporting that the landing page does not work. Clicking on most of the links will bring users to an error page or to a landing page and back to the main page.

One thing that the consumers seem to notice is that direct link to the product page seems to be working fine but then some users reported that even if you get to the product page and place an order, they still ha trouble completing the purchase.

Seeing as Amazon have been hyping up Prime Day for weeks now, this is a disaster for them. However, retailers like Walmart and Target who also ran bug sales around Prime Day are not experiencing any issue so you might want to check out their site.

It was later added that there is actually a workaround the Amazon situation and that is to use TechCrunch confirmed that this works so do try it out.

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