Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review: Pissing On The Flames

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Amazon recently revealed the Kindle Fire HD but the flame seems to have died down a little. However taking a deeper look at the Amazon Kindle Fire HD shows it may not have warranted the hype it has gotten so far in the first place.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

For starters the device doesn’t have a camera on the back, its lacks GPS navigation; there is no speech recognition, notes app or even a to-do list. Along with this it nowhere matches the iPad when it comes to accessories. Despite all of this however, it will not be a disappointment once Amazon have polished up the software.

One thing in its favor is the price. You can get the 7 inch model for $200, the 8.9 inch for $300 or the 8.9 inch with cellular for $500. You do have to pay another $15 if you want to get rid of the full screen ads that pop up when the device is asleep. These prices mean that the tablet is a lot cheaper than its rivals.

The 7 inch Fire HD is available already and the larger models will be arriving sometime in late November. The largest of the HD models are crystal clear and very sharp when watching movies and they have a better angle for viewing than previous models. However the HD in the name is misleading as you CANNOT watch HD movies.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD come with HDMI outputs which mean you can plug it into your TV screen. The sound is good thanks to stereo speakers and Dolby sound makes sure that the audio is rich. The average user should get up to eight hours out of the battery. The majority of models have 16GB of memory which is double that of the Nexus 7 or the Nook tablet.

The Carousel on the screen now moves fluidly without any lag and reading books is now a great experience. The device can also make use of the ecosystem of music, movies, TV and e-book shops of Amazon and whatever you choose to download is stored online so you can re-download at any time. However unlike other Android devices, don’t expect Google touches. You will in fact need to install the Play Store yourself and the search engine is Bing.

Amazon movies come with subtitles but there is a nifty thing called X-ray, this provides you with actor’s biographies for the actors in the current scene. The tablet has dual Wi-Fi antennas which are supposed to make browsing faster, but it still falls behind the iPad and Nexus 7 in this area.

The camera on the back of the tablet cannot be used for video or pictures until an app is released but it can be used for video calling.  It is also lacking when it comes to apps with many favourites missing from the Amazon app store such as Google search, Dropbox and Flixster. The tablet is also let down by some bugs and there is some noticeable lag.

On the good side the Kindle Fire HD is good looking, however there are plenty of other models of tablets out there to choose from including tablets from Google, Samsung and maybe even Apple soon if the rumors of an iPad mini prove true.

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