Kindle Fire HD Steals Retina Bragging Rights Of $500 iPad

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The 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD from Amazon has joined the ranks of the Apple iPad in the high resolution tablet club. Up until now this exclusive club had one single member, Apple with their iPad Retina with 2048 x 1536 pixel density display at 264 ppi.

Cheaper Amazon Kindle Fire HD screen matches iPad Retina Display

That was until Amazon announced their 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD that is almost a match for the iPad with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and 254 ppi. Apple has always bragged about their Retina display having a pixel density that is so high that the eye cannot see individual pixels. This is something that made the iPad stand out in the world of tablets. They no longer have exclusivity on this as the new tablet from Amazon is in the same pixel class as the Retina display of the iPad.

Other tablets on the market at the moment do not come anywhere close to these two devices. This includes the Google Nexus 7 with 216ppi and the 10.1 inch Asus Transformer Pad Infinity with 224 ppi.

The display of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD comes with numerous goodies including a touch sensor that is laminated which makes it very responsive and a lot thinner. The Fire HD runs on the Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 chip which means that it is fast too.

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