Blasphemy! Android Kindle Fire HD Uses Bing Search & Nokia Maps

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The new Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a very big software update. Ubergizmo recently got their hands on the device and one of the new features is that Bing from Microsoft seems to be the default search engine set in the browser of the Fire HD.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD doesn’t care much for Google

This comes as quite a surprise when you realize that it is Android 4.0 software from Google that runs on the new Kindle Fire HD. However you might not realise it at first as Android has been heavily skinned. When last year’s model came out, it had Google as the default search engine, so why the change on the new model with Android software is not clear.

Of course most browsers allow you to choose which search engine you want to set to default and maybe the Kindle Fire HD will let you choose to change the default search engine to Google if you so wish?

Another expected change was the replacement of Google Maps with Nokia Maps. You would think that Amazon would leave this bits in as a way of paying homage to Android and Google. But this is business after all.

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