Amazon Kindle Fire HD: $15 Will Kill All Those Ads, Permanently

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Amazon have turned round and said that buyers can choose to opt out of the ads which they include on the lock screen and main home screen of their new Kindle Fire tablets, if they pay an upcharge of $15 reports PCWorld.

$15 will turn off those Amazon Kindle Fire HD ads

Amazon revealed new Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets which had what were called Special offers, including ads. Now they have said that people can choose to opt out if they pay. Amazon went on to say that people loves their special offers and for this reason very few who have bought the tablet have chosen to opt out. The opt-out is available on both the Fire HD and the entry level Fire. People can choose whether they want to spend a bit more on the tablet and not have ads or get the tablet for cheaper and have ads.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD will of course be a challenge to the entry level iPad at $499. With its own version of a Retina Display, plenty of storage space and multiple connectivity options, it is no lightweight.

The Kindle Fire HD comes with an 8.9 inch display and is sold as a high end media tablet. It comes with dual stereo speakers and Dolby Digital sound, which happens to be the first on tablets. It also offers twice the storage as an iPad of the same price, 32GB.

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