Want Ice Cream Sandwich On Your Amazon Kindle Fire? Here’s How

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Some good news for you Amazon Kindle Fire users: Erez Zukerman for PC World has reported that you are able to obtain Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your Kindle Fire, if you just take some time to follow these steps.

How to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire is of course a handy tablet with a decent 7-inch IPS screen, a dual core 1GHz processor and a pocket-friendly $199 price tag. If you follow the detailed instructions given by Zukerman, you can turn your device into so much more than it already is. Zukerman took his instructions from a guide released by Kinfauns – a user of XDA Developers, just shortened them to make it easier for you to take on board and try out for yourself.

Before you start, you need to check the following: Your battery is fully charged; You have a USB cable for your Kindle Fire;  A Windows PC on which you are the Administrator; That you have the array of sofware and apps listed on the original PC World article; and lastly that you do not mind voiding your warranty.

For full instructions check the easy-to-read Zukerman article out. It makes fascinating reading and can really enhance your Amazon Kindle Fire device tenfold.

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