Amazon Android Phone Launches Tomorrow, Powerful & Dirt Cheap (Prediction)

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Two devices from Amazon have already leaked before they are revealed tomorrow. These are the Kindle Fire 2 which has received an update and the Kindle e-reader. However the folks over at TheVerge report that Amazon may have managed to keep smartphone under wraps and it may be released at the event which is being held tomorrow.

Amazon Android phone to launch tomorrow (TheVerge)

More than one source has said that Amazon has been working on a phone that comes with a variation of the Android OS of Kindle Fire and it will be launched tomorrow at the press conference. It is thought that at the moment the handset is not finished, so while it may be announced, there may not be many details about the device.

It has been suggested that the Amazon phone would have a version of Android 4.0 and that it may come with Nokia Maps. Nokia have said that they would add a major mapping partner at their event for the Windows Phone.

The tension is really building up to see what Amazon may reveal at their event in Los Angeles tomorrow. Based on the Kindle Fire, we could see a decent spec Android device but with a very low price tag.

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