Alien Covenant VR May Frighten More Than Alien Isolation

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Some clever people modded the Alien: Isolation game and this allowed them to play it as VR. It also meant that the game had more of an horror factor to it, but it is thought that Alien Covenant VR could actually be more frightening.

Alien Covenant is a movie but it is also going to be a VR game. It will be a paid game and this means that we can expect much more than just a VR gimmick as the ones from the Divergent movies were.

From the description of the game it is looking as though gamers will have to navigate through the game and there will be some hard choices to make in order to be able to survive. It has also been said to be a game that is dread-inducing, so we can expect to see plenty of horror.

Alien Covenant VR could be released on PlayStationVR, Vive and Oculus Rift and the movie is coming out in May.

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