Alfa Romeo Won’t Stand A Chance With Hyundai In Future?

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While we do like some of the offerings that Hyundai has to offer right now, there is no doubt that the Alfa Romeo would be seen as the more superior when among the two but it looks like Hyundai is confident that their models will outshine Alfa Romeo models in the future.

According to Hyundai, they want to work on their models and make sure their future models are “sexier” than those made by Alfa Romeo. Their latest concept, the Le Fil Rouge does show that Hyundai is working towards a sleeker design for their upcoming models.

Hyundai also added that they want to make sure their future models have a unique look of their own and want Hyundai to be regarded as the automaker that comes out with attractive vehicles in 10 years time.

Looking at what they have been offering, it certainly looks possible but we will have to wait and see if Hyundai actually can make this happen. What do you think?

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