Alfa Romeo SUV TO Take On Audi Q7

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Alfa Romeo definitely does not have anything they can use to compete with the Audi Q7 right now but they might be working on one.

New reports are claiming that Alfa Romeo is working on a new SUV model that will come in to sit on top of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio model. According to the reports, the vehicle would come in as a seven-seater and it might be powered by a hybrid engine.

It is suggested that the hybrid engine could deliver between 350hp to 400hp. Seeing as the Audi Q7 is only delivering about 333hp right now, the new SUV with the new hybrid engine would certainly give the Q7 a run for its money.

Other reports suggest that Alfa Romeo could be working on a new 4C as well. It is believed that they are looking to reinvent the vehicle to improve its sales figures.

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