Forget Alfa Romeo Giulia, Save Your Money For The Rear-wheel Drive Giuletta

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia is without a doubt one of the most awaited performance sedans of 2016-17. While the RWD sedan has gotten its fair share of limelight, the other models Alfa Romeo are working on are beginning to trickle down. And the more we know about them the more we want them.

Topping the list is the smaller sibling of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, aptly names the Giuletta. While this was supposedly a smaller segment sedan and hatchback, the latest leak suggest that they may be rear wheel drive as well – throwing them back into the same category as other performance driven hot hatches like the BMW 1-series.

With RWD setup and Italian styling coupled with performance, we would see the Alfa Romeo Giuletta as a hatchback slayer – think the Volkswagen Golf GTi and even Mercedes A-class AMG models. And with one distinct advantage – pricing. It will likely be less costly than its rivals and certainly cheaper in price than the flagship Alfa Romeo Giulia.

So if you have your eyes set on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, sit back and wait until mid-2016 by which point we expect the entire Giuletta family to take better form. You may just find that what you like about the Giulia may be present with the Giuletta family and at a fraction of the price.

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