Alfa Romeo Giulia Hacker Makes Return To Frighten Fiat-Chrysler

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It was only a few years ago when hackers revealed through tech demonstrations that vehicles belonging to Fiat Chrysler were some of the most vulnerable. Hackers were easily able to control several of the core functions of vehicles remotely and as expected this caused a big stir.

Now a new Alfa Romeo Giulia has been hacked. A person at the Milwaukee car show saw a man go over to a Giulia with his phone and after staring at it for several minutes the lad pressed buttons and the Giulia was unlocked.

This showed that the Alfa Romeo Giulia was hacked and then unlocked. Of course there is another possibility that it could have been a marketing stunt for smartphone integration.

If this was indeed a hacker then owners of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia should be worried.