Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Really Happening

There were some speculations that Alfa Romeo might be working on an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA model and now Alfa Romeo has confirmed it. Here is what we know now.

With the Geneva Motor Show now canceled, automakers are looking for their own way to show off their new model and concept, for Alfa Romeo, it will be showing it off this week at 4.30 pm CT on the 2nd of March.

Besides introducing the power-up version of the Giulia, it was also revealed that the automaker will also be showing off a track-special version called the Giulia GTAm model. No details have been revealed yet but it was rumored that we will be seeing it with the 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 engine from Ferrari.

Other than the engine, we should also expect to see some exterior design upgrades that could include a wider fender, more vents, carbon fiber spoilers and more.