[ALERT] Apple Users Warned Transmission 2.90 Infected

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Apparently, we’ve got news that the Transmission version 2.90, the BitTorrent client installer for OS X, had been infected, so this would likely pose a threat to Apple users. Though there are claims that this only happened to those who downloaded from the website and not updated within the app, it’s still quite a disturbance for we don’t exactly know how it got there.

How it has gotten Mac users to feeling shocked is inevitable; as like mentioned, we don’t know how it got there, and we don’t know what harm it could do to our MacBook. It sounds like it could be potentially hazardous, but we don’t know that yet to be sure. The malware does kind of have a name though, as it’s OSX.Keranger.A, but frankly speaking, there’s literally no information available for that anywhere.

Some said it’s more like a ransomware, where it functions to encrypt and ransom your files on your MacBook after 3 days. Well, whatever it’s meant to be doing, just remember to backup all your data in case you’re the type that would cry over spilled milk. Not literally. But seriously, you should take some time to backing up your stuff so you won’t be losing any important data.

How afraid were you when you see that message prompted on your screen?

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