Alan Wake Pushed Aside For New P7 Game

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After the first Alan Wake game, fans were hoping to hear more about the sequel but it looks like Remedy is not ready to talk about that yet. While they did not have any new information about Alan Wake 2, they did reveal a little more about what they are working on right now.

According to Remedy, there are currently working on a new game project with the codename P7. The name itself does not reveal much about the game but they did say that it will be build using the Northlight game engine, the same engine that they use to build Quantum Break.

They added that the engine will support PS4 suggesting that the upcoming game could be released on more platforms. Remedy also tweeted that they will now focus on CrossFire 2 and P7. As for Alan Wake 2, they hope to make it one day but it is not going to happen anytime soon.

Let’s hope that we get to hear more about the new P7 game soon.

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