Age of Empire IV Announcement Will Leave Fans Feeling Blind

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After all the speculation, we have finally gotten confirmation from Google that the Age of Empire IV is going to happen after all. Microsoft released a new announcement trailer telling the fans that the game will be happening but that is the only thing that you will be getting from the trailer.

It is clear that Microsoft wants to keep everything a secret until they are ready. The new trailer might have informed us that the game is going to happen but everything else in the trailer is just concept art.

We still do not know how the game will look like but at least the trailer did show us a variety of civilizations throughout history like the Romans, British, Native Americans, and Samurai. That feels like a nice mix of civilization to start with.

However, the game will only be released as a Windows 10 exclusive game which means we won’t see it on Steam but some fans think that Microsoft will eventually give in just like what they did with Quantum Break.

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