Acura RDX Prototype Looking To Snatch The Spotlight At Detroit

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Automakers know that SUVs are the ones that will catch the attention of the public and Acura plans to do that at the Detroit Auto Show with their RDX prototype.

According to Acura, the prototype is still not the final version but it should give us an idea of what to expect when Acura finally releases the Acura RDX model in the future. Acura added that this new Acura RDX prototype is the most extensive redesign in more than a decade which suggests that this might be a complete redesign of the RDX model instead of a modification.

There were also speculations that the vehicle could be powered by the turbocharged inline four engine just like the first gen model.

Acura did release a teaser for the prototype, showing us glimpses of the vehicle but that is all we got for now. We will have to wait for the Detroit Auto Show to learn more about the upcoming RDX model.

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