Acura NSX Roadster Not Forgotten?

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Fans have long hoped that Acura would release a new Acura NSX Roadster and although Acura has never said anything about the NSX Roadster being developed, some people still think that it might happen.

Autobild recently releases a slide show showing us convertibles that they think we might see from this year until 2023. One of the vehicles on the list was the Acura NSX Roadster.

One of the reasons why some people think it might come was because Acura’s patent image and trademarked suggested that they might be working on a droptop coupe. Although it was later revealed that the trademarked could be for something else, some fans still believe that the NSX Roadster is still on the table.

At this point, nobody really knows the future of the NSX Roadster and while we do hope that Acura would work on one, we are not going to get our hopes up until we see something solid from Acura.

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