Activision Gives New Call Of Duty Game Greenlight For 2013

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The CEO of Activision made mention of a Call of Duty game that was in development and which is said to be coming out in fall of 2013. This would make it the least surprising game reveal since their last COD title, along with each one before that.

He didn’t mention anything about which sub-series the game would come under, however there have been rumours which say that is could be Modern Warfare 4. He did however say that it would be the most ambitious game to date.

COD raised the bar when it comes to innovation and a new game this year could raise the level even higher.

However Activision doesn’t thinks that they will enjoy the same record breaking numbers as they got with Black Ops II as they think that the next gen consoles will be released around the same time.

Activision could be right about the release of the next gen consoles cutting in, but as COD is popular they do not have to worry about their game being able to sell.

So are you excited about the possibility of another COD game coming your way at the end of the year? Of are the games being released too soon after one another?

Just how far can Activision go with innovation with the game?

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