4th Skyrim DLC Rumors: Upright Factions Suggested

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Almost all factions in the Skyrim game are evil one way or the other. There are consultations with Deadra, killing and stealing from people who are innocent and then there are vampires craving blood who are waiting for an eclipse.

The S&R blog believe that the next Skyrim DLC to come out should be suitable for idealists as it could have a faction that would be more open to different play styles and there could be warriors, mages and characters that have stealth.

They also have an idea that would see a different type of faction. The blogger usually plays as a monk in the game and this is fun and a challenge there hasn’t been a faction appealing to the blogger.

The blogger suggests that there could be a monastery in the game and that it could start out with a small temple which would then grow as it got more followers.

The temple could house a library and this is where the monks translated books, added new ones and sold some. This would be an ideal way to get money for the temple to keep running.

There may be a meditation room and a grand master room, this is where potions could be made. There could be a training courtyard too.

New weapons could be brought in and this might include robes and armours.

Perhaps the factions could send out monk patrols and they would help to ensure things were safe, perhaps bandit raids could be made and campsites could be set up in and around Skyrim. People could come across the temple and it may expand through donations.

Does any of this sound like a good idea for a new Skyrim DLC? Do you think a righteous faction is needed in the next DLC? Mind you, S&R is short for Society&Religion hence may be that blogger is feeling guilty playing Skyrim under unscrupulous factions.

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