4th Skyrim DLC Beckons For Werewolves & Vampires? (S&R)

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While rumors of a Skyrim Redguard DLC are running rampant, the folks over at S&R have other expectations for a potential 4th Skyrim DLC.

S&R says that they would like to see vampires and werewolves once again in Solstheim. This could be along the lines of the people of Raven Rock preparing for a celebration of the eclipse that is coming and the werewolves are using the same eclipse to run wild instead of fighting off vampires. You would be able to help the town when it came to security for it or burst into the celebration in the form of a vampire and feed on the town envisions the blog.

You would also have the choice of having the Companions help watch over the town or go on the side of the werewolves.

When it comes to the Blades this could involve looking for recruits and perhaps recruiting dragons depending on the path that was chosen.

Words of power that have been unlocked could be mixed and matched to create new shouts.

You could have the ability to forge Blades armor along with swords and hand over the two-handed Katana.

While this could be a Skyrim DLC on its own there could be a town to be built around your property in Hearthfire suggests S&R. People could start at the bottom with tents, the progress to building house and walls, then go on to build a whole community.

The town you build could then become the Capital of the hold and you would become Jarl.

So what do you think? Does S&R have a good enough premise for a potential 4th Skyrim DLC? Or are you thinking what exactly they were smoking when they came up with this?

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